Give your opinion on a technical question


I am working in IBM Brno (Czech Republic) and I am writing a script in
Tcl/Tk it must run a parallel sequence of many jobs, and they must be
driven to start other jobs in consequence of other jobs status.

I would ask your opinion on a tool that is important for me. But let
me show you the situation.
The script I am writing was originally written in DOS-batch, an other
version was partially developed in Perl, I choice to write it in Tcl/
Tk because a GUI will be probably required in the next future. The old
DOS version is currently used by IBM Italy, and different departments
in Brno. Probably they they will need to modify my script.

Because does not exist a concurrent versioning system (CVS, SVN...) I
have proposed to my manager to create a repository for all scripts
that our group writes, they are so many!
He answered me everyone can save the script he write or modify or just
use in its IBM local PC!!!! and a versioning system is not needed!! He
told me they have never use, they can continue without use it!

I have choice this ng because I met someone of you at FOSDEM2005, and
I have appreciated their competence.
So, I would read your opinion about my manager decision, and his

Thank you for your time.

Best regards

Silvano Catinella