Re: TclDOM Tutorial

On May 9, 11:42 pm, shady <shady.for...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to read about what TclDOM or DOM in general can do, or look
for examples of implementation. But, honestly I can't find anything
really informative.

All what I read on different websites is that DOM is used to read XML
as a tree structure. But, that is not enough for me to use it. How
will this be of benefit?

Is there any helpful website or tutorial that can explain how to use
it and when it is useful. I'm afraid to dump it and find out later
that it could be of help to my application!!


DOM represents entire XML documents (or document fragments) in memory
in a structured format. There are both pros and cons to that; the
biggest downside is that, depending on the size of your document, it
can consume a lot of memory to represent the whole thing as a DOM
tree. The big advantage is that you can query and manipulate anything
anywhere in the tree in an elegant, straightforward way. In your
research on DOM, don't forget to look into XPath. Also, while you're
looking at TclDOM have a look at tDOM too.

If you can tell us a bit about your application and your XML needs,
people will be able to give you more specific advice about whether DOM
is right for you and what issues to consider in making your decision.