Re: ActiveTcl Beta 3 released

On May 22, 1:53 am, leonid <leonid.dul...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 21, 2:29 am, AndreasK <andreas.kupr...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

ActiveState is pleased to announce the release of ActiveTcl
Beta 3, a beta release of the complete, ready-to-install Tcl
distribution for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX;
based on the Tcl/Tk 8.6b1.2 core.

For detailed information or to download these releases, see:

== New in ActiveTcl ==

A beta update release with updates, including:

* Updated Tcl/Tk core to 8.6b1.2
* Updated teacup package management application
* Updated packages
** platform 1.0.8
** BWidget 1.9.1
** struct::stack 1.5.1
** struct::queue 1.4.2
** pngtcl 1.4.1
** zlibtcl 1.2.5
** sqlite 3.6.23

Download ActiveTcl now:

For access to more packages, use the included [teacup] application.

=== Getting Started ===

Whether you're a first-time user or a long-time fan, our free
will help you get the most from ActiveTcl.

User forums and FAQs:

Mailing list archives:


=== On what platforms does ActiveTcl run? ===

ActiveTcl includes installers for the following platforms:

- Windows/x86
- Mac OS X
- Linux/x86
- Linux/x86_64 (aka "AMD64")
- Solaris/SPARC (Business Edition only)
- Solaris/x86 (Business Edition only)
- HP-UX/PA-RISC (Business Edition only)
- AIX/PowerPC (Business Edition only)

Custom builds are available in Enterprise Edition:

=== Feedback ===

Everyone is encouraged to participate in making Tcl an even better
language. For bugs related to ActiveTcl, please use:

Tcl/Tk is maintained by the Tcl community, with the sources and bug
database at SourceForge:


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Hello . I have got next message from tcl/tk beta3

() 1 % package require Tkhtml 3.0
Keyword 'catch' not found where expected.
() 2 %

This is a new check. How to solve this problem ?
Thank you. Leonid

Just tried this on Linux and had no problem loading this package. My
session, roughly:

% ... get the distribution ...
% ./ActiveTcl8.6.0.0b3.292682-linux-ix86-threaded/ --
directory FOX
% ./FOX/bin/teacup install Tkhtml 3
% ./FOX/bin/tclsh8.6
% package require Tkhtml 3
% exit

Some questions.

What platform are you on ?
Do you get this message only for Tkhtml 3, or for other packages as
well ?
Did you install your AT 8.6 into a separate directory, or is is
sharing with other/older AT installations ?
If it is sharing please install into a separate directory and try if
that is ok.