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nedbrek wrote:
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Hello all,
I am trying to decode Google Protocol Buffers from inside Tcl. (The data
format spec is
There was a post in January 20th about the Google Protocol Buffers.

Maybe there is some code that can be shared.

Weird, I did a Google search for "protocol buffer" and didn't find anything...


The thread has the subject "protobuf", and was started by Message-Id: <b906cb96-5ce0-4b7a-a4a5-c7fe3c5b3685@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Using to search with the "Google Search Only" box checked, the search returns "could not find", but if I uncheck the "Google Search Only" box, it finds the article in question. Odd. The post in question was posted through Google Groups... Ah, well.

Here's the Message-Ids of all the posts in that thread.

-> <0404d6f8-503f-4c1e-8de7-5e3f87576611@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
-> <4b56fdc0$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
-> <hj6uog$1nhk$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
--> <b906cb96-5ce0-4b7a-a4a5-c7fe3c5b3685@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
---> <uPJ5n.104264$o06.78184@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
---> <938fb759-8cdc-4c81-9a01-68253fa83b66@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
-> <fd657dea-b468-4582-b881-5b12997426f2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
--> <72deac0e-03db-4f8a-b5a4-04aa148735f8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
-> <58ij27-kvk.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I don't know if that thread will help any, though.

I think someone needs to graph these results so we can find
out if connecting the dots makes a kitty or a turtle.
-- Kibo