Re: Tclhttpd: unable to serve .swf files?

Are you using mixed case in your file name? One difference between use
of -docroot on XP and getting the file from the starkit is that XP is
not case sensitive and starkit vfs is. So if the file is foo.SWF and
you are retrieving it as foo.swf, it will work with -docroot but not
if placed in the starkit.

Just a thought,


On Jun 16, 9:46 pm, Giorgio Valoti <giorgi...@xxxxxx> wrote:
On 2010-06-16 18:21:53 +0200, tom.rmadilo said:

On Jun 16, 8:37 am, Giorgio Valoti <giorgi...@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
I’m getting a very weird bug(?) with tclhttpd.

On Mac OS X, I’ve unwrapped the latest tclhttpd starkit distribution
and replaced the htdocs directory with mine; wrapped everything and
copied it onto a Win XP box. If I try to download a .swf file nothing
happens: tclhttp is still responsive but the request just hangs there.
However, if I start it with the -docRoot flag everything works as

On Mac OS X works correctly, either using the starkit docroot or an
external one. Every other file type (text, movies) are served correctly
regardless the OS and the docroot used.

I’m banging my head against the wall... Does anyone have any suggestion?

Not an expert on tclhttpd, but a few questions:

* Can you use wget/curl to download a fake .swf file, a real .swf

I’ve used curl with the real .swf and it hangs after having received
the headers.

* or Is the problem that an .swf application cannot access the .swf
* What is wrong with using the -docRoot flag if this makes everything

According to the requirements the final app should be distributed as a
starpack, so everything should be self-contained.

Some web servers use OS based mapping files to serve content, it is
possible that XP doesn't have the correct mapping, or the file is
missing or doesn't exist on XP, or your particular OS installation. (I
know some perl scripts do this).

Since starkits use vfs this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, this would
explain why using a regular directory with -docRoot doesn’t show any

Giorgio Valoti