Re: Request: Advice on SCM and common Tcl files

On May 9, 8:41 am, Neil <neil.bry...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 9, 6:58 am, Cyan <cyan.ogil...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Besides this config file, the only files in the application repo are
the actual code of the application (and associated data files, etc).
The plumbing of the kit is constructed by the build tool, required
pkgs, tms, etc are copied in at build time from the repo.  (I also
version manage the repo, so it's easy to share components once they've
been build for a particular platform)

Excellent! That's pretty-much where I was heading, next. Once I have
things shared and synching, I was planning to look into TABS, which
seems to be very similar in approach to what you've done. I was
originally going to roll my own, as you did--but the whole point is
for me to stop reinventing wheels =]

And it sounds like you've answered one of my upcoming questions; it is
possible to build a kit without mirroring all the tm files in each
project? If I can make the build pull the files straight from the
repo, then a lot of the synchronization problems go away. (From the
docs, it looks like TABS will copy files-to-wrap from anywhere, so I'm

What is TABS? A Google search was entirely unhelpful.