Re: how to read stderr of the FIRST command in a pipe?

Fun quote from


Among the most commonly-asked questions in comp.lang.tcl are, "How do I
get fileevent to work?", "How do I communicate between two processes?",
"Can I use named pipes with Tcl?" and "How do I show the results of a
process in a text widget?" (approximately; usually the questioners don't
realize what they're asking sufficiently well to articulate them this
way). Andreas Kupries answered all four of these with a single newsgroup
posting. He also offered an alternative version which uses sockets in
place of pipes. I wrote a tutorial form covering much the same territory
for SunWorld Online.


That brings much interest to read the original post of Andreas Kupries.
Unfortunately the quoted web page did not use RFC style news:[news_id]
type of link, rather instead he links to

Understandably it's 404 now.