Re: Tcl_ResetResult()

swan lee wrote:
can someone explain me the purpose of this command, and more specificaly if i need to call it after Tcl_SetVar2Ex() if i don't want the variable to be spread over all proc.

my issue is i set a variable in a command let's say $wich
Tcl_SetVar2Ex(x->interp, "wich",NULL, Tcl_NewStringObj("ThisIsIt", -1), TCL_NAMESPACE_ONLY);

after i execute
Tcl_EvalEx(x->interp, "wm title . $wich", -1, TCL_EVAL_DIRECT);

perfect, but if i have another window opened where another variable also called $wich exists, the value of $wich is modified.

should i call ResetResult() after the EvalEx() if i don't want to use this variable anymore, or could you point me another strategy.

Please try asking the question again more directly and clearly, with
more complete code excerpts, in order, and not so much description or
speculating about possible answers. Certainly don't use your
speculations as the Subject line.

"I did this. I expected to see this. I saw that instead. What should
I change to get what I expect?"

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