Re: Tcl support for Android Scripting Environment

On 9/8/11 5:03 PM, Zbigniew Diaczyszyn wrote:
Am 08.09.2011 14:27, schrieb Gerald W. Lester:
On 9/8/11 2:48 AM, zdia wrote:
Am 05.09.2011 19:07, schrieb Cyan:
But perhaps you would be interested in Hecl
( which is
written in Java and has a Tcl-like syntax.

Have you tried running Jtcl, which is a Tcl interp written in Java) on
the Android?

I have made some tests with jtcl.jar on my Linux system and it looked very
well but in order to test it on an Android system you have to install at
first a Java app on Android and then feed the Java app with the jtcl.jar.

The proper way would be to compile JTcl's Java sources to get the dex (I
think D-alvik Ex-ecutable) byte-code from them which will be executed by
Android's Dalvik interpreter. In addition you have to make a package bundle
with the resource files Android requires (like the MacOS app bundle) in
order to create an .apk executable.

Access to Anroid's GUI seems given like in Hecl by JTcl's java::* commands
which allow to create Java objects, call Java methods and access fields and

So it seems worth while to me to make some feasibility studies with JTcl but
at first I would like to finish the Android port with Hecl.

Fair enough.

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