Re: Tcl/Tk on Linux questions

On Sep 20, 7:37 am, Richard Owlett <rowl...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm thinking of moving from Windows to Linux.
Though a computer _user_ since days of 026's, I'm not familiar with
any OS internals/structure since CPM-80.

I have not yet decided on which distro to use. One set of
considerations push towards a reasonably standard Debian based
distro. Another set has me leaning towards Tinycore and its competitors.

The conflict is that the standard/common distro's manage to download
"everything but the kitchen sink" when >90% of my time will be spent
with a couple of "kitchen sinks" ;/

I interpret saying
that as long as I have a specific kernel (or later) all is GO [i.e.
no dependencies to download].

When I asked a similar question on a Linux forum (though I was
focusing my question on obtaining smallest .iso) I would have to
download such a large amount of graphics support that it would
defeat my goal of a small download.

Two questions:
  1. How confused/befuddled am I?
  2. What I want from a "GUI" many might consider just a set of
menus. There were some demo tcl
     files on the ACTIVEDVD I purchased several years ago. Something
like their top level would
     suit me well. My desktop would likely appear to be a half dozen
icons each launching a
     specific menu. Anything more I associate with a GUI is already
buried in pure Tcl/Tk scripts
     I write. From the user perspective this is pretty much how I
actually work when using
     Any hidden "gotchas"?


I like TinyCore a lot, although it is probably not the best distro for
a beginner. I would recommend Puppy Linux:
if you are looking for something small, fast and user friendly. The
latest versions of Puppy Linux supports Ubuntu repositories.

From my experience, ActiveState will work on almost any Linux distro.
I prefer ActiveState over distro's own packaged Tcl because distro
packaged Tcl is often incomplete, outdated, lagging behind.