[ANN] critcl v3 and other news

Some news regarding Jean-Claude Wippler's venerable "C Runtime In
Tcl" package and application, short "critcl".

First, the sources have changed locations and can now be found on
github. More precisely, at


Second, the whole package got a refresh, with brand new innards
eliminating some problems, and a host of new features. Here we provide
only a short list of these features. For more details see the
'Changes' sections in the reference manpages [1], or the files
"doc/include/changes*.inc" which are the shared source of said

* Declaration, export and import of C-APIs through stubs tables.

* Generation of source packages from critcl-based code
containing a TEA-based buildsystem wrapped around the raw

* Declaration, initializaton and use of user-specified
configuration options. An important use is the declaration and
use of custom build configurations, like 'link a 3rd party
library dynamically, statically, build it from copy of its
sources, etc.', etc.

The sources come with examples for all these, found in the
subdirectory "examples/" (sic).

[1] http://jcw.github.com/critcl/doc/files/critcl_introduction.html#section5

So long,
Andreas Kupries <akupries@xxxxxxx>
Developer @ <http://www.activestate.com/>
18'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference: 2011, Manassas, VA USA